What Gets Monitored Gets Managed

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We live in a world of constant distractions. Cell phones, text messages, social media, TVs in every bar or restaurant. We have become used to constant stimulation and intrusion into our mental space but at what cost?

One repercussion that marketers have taken advantage of is the fact that distracted people are more likely to give in to temptation. For example, distracted shoppers are more sensitive to in-store promotions, and more likely to purchase items that were not on their list. Next time you are at the grocery store take a look at what you see when you first walk into the store and what you see in the check-out lane. There is a pretty good chance both areas are filled with impulse buys. Cookies, soda, chips, candy, magazines, lip balm, etc… You get the picture.

One thing you can do to increase self-awareness is to keep track of all the choices you make on a given day. At the end of the day analyze which ones supported your long-term goals and which ones didn’t. Once you have an awareness of your habits you can begin to change them. What gets monitored gets managed!

Author: bestselfcoaching

We are a work in progress. Working to recognize and outgrow limitations, transcend self-limiting beliefs, reframe dysfunctional thoughts about ourselves, who we think we should be, who society assumes we are. As and mentor, coach, and agent of change I help people cultivate connection, positivity, strengths, self-compassion, and self-motivation through the use of the STRONG Method™. S-Self Awareness: Create awareness around what is keeping you stuck. T-Transcend: Transcend self-limiting beliefs. R-Reframe: Reframe the narrative. O-Optimize: Optimize resources. N-New Path: Take a new path. G-Grow: Grow into your best self.

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